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& Paulina Mierzwa)

The first contacts between our school and that from Germany were
established due to one of companies functioning within the Special
Economic Zone, and having its headquarters in Mielec and Lohne. The
representatives of Mielec Town signed an agreement about partnership
between these two towns in August 2002. Antoni Rejman, the German teacher in our school, initiated the exchange of pupils between
Bertolt-Brecht-Gesamtschule and Secondary Comprehensive School No 1 in Mielec. At first seven German pupils visited Mielec in April 2002. They
were staying in Poland for 2 weeks,taking part in lessons, extracurricular
activities and doing sightseeing of some beautiful cities in Poland:
Cracow and Zakopane. In return, the group of Polish students went to
Germany in July 2003. Eight pupils and the co-ordinator of this
undertaking ,Antoni Rejman, were having a good time in Lohne and the
neighbouring area. Whenever the students visit a foreign country, they
find accommodation at their partners’ houses, so have great opportunity not only to practise English or German but also face real-life situations.

In the past , we came into contact with Secondary Comprehensive
School (named after Fenelon) in Paris. We had been continuing this
friendship till 1990.

Moreover, we started to co-operate with the School of Art in Lvov
in 1989. In the same year we also took part in exchange with this school.

Our school belongs to the EUROPEAN NETWORK which comprises 4800
European schools including 500 in Poland. Thanks to this co-operation, Mrs. Danuta Mironska came into contact with teachers from schools in Sweden and Italy. The students belonging to the European Club do projects about
Sweden, its geography, culture, education, cities, famous people and the
life. Students in Sweden do project about Poland and exchange opinions
with Polish teenagers.

Furthermore, the members of European School exchange e-mails with Italian peers about school, hometown, Christmas and New Year traditions as well as daily life. The school called IPSIA “Cenconi” is a very big high school
situated in Udine.

You will find more details about our co-operation with Sweden and Italy in a separate link on school website European Club.


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