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Given the trend towards global communication and new technologies, we find it essential that students from the world should be able to use computers, to communicate through Internet and to co-operate.

Collaborative learning in a network is one possibility. Our team of teachers are exploring the use of computer-aided education for the school of tomorrow. We are working in three directions : first of all e-learning, a form of mobile-learning which provides a permanent personal tutor for students following a given course ; secondly monitoring students' progress on course-work done at home ; and thirdly bringing together students from a dozen different countries to work together on topics using the communication platform called Electronic schoolbag or digitalspaces.

The WKTO digital workspace is used by classes from various countries around the world. The students are arranged in virtual classes, each composed of 16 to 20 students, with, for example, 2 Polish students, 2 French, 2 Japanese, 2 Russian, 2 Italian, 2 Brazilian, 2 American and 2 Swedish students.

This class project is part of a larger co-operative project between several schools around the world. Our aim is to work with at least 10 different schools. The more groups there are, the more exchanges and the more benefits for the students.

It aims at enabling students to get more involved in their learning process, to work within a network thanks to the Internet, to develop their ability to express themselves in a foreign language in relation with their language course, to manage a project in relation with the economics, marketing, management and computing courses.
This activity is not just correspondence between students, but an integral part of their course work which is marked by the teachers.

This project encourages cross-disciplinary activities. Our aim is a school which is set up as an international network enabling students from around the world to do part of their school work together in a more motivating and enriching way.



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